Pleasure, passion and performance:
live fully, intensely and passionately!

• Together, discover that pleasure generates passion, and this translates into
• Experience newfound enjoyment in the work environment.

1. Encourage yourself to live life with gusto.
2. Recognize that pleasure brings satisfaction and well-being.
3. Feel the burst of energy the three P’s can produce.

• Improve awareness of the environment in the workplace.
• Encourage people to cherish their visions so the organization can benefit
  from them.

Length of session (choose one): 90 minutes, 3 hours, 1 day or 45 minute capsules.
Number of participants: minimum 10 people.
Target audience: employees, management staff, members of
any organization.

"This should be a compulsory course at school."
S. Levasseur, Purolator