Annual Package

Whenever you purchase new equipment, you naturally need to give your staff some training. But, in a world of changes, a world that places a lot of demands on people, training is just as important when you want to introduce a corporate philosophy designed to improve the quality of life at work, motivate, and boost self-esteem. Top Niveau offers an annual formula that can instil positive values in management personnel and staff members.

The program includes:
• Preparatory meetings
• 4 hour-an-a-half workshop-lectures every 3 months
•2 CONFIDENTIAL surveys sent to employees by mail or e-mail (designed to
  give the employer a good idea of the atmosphere in the company,
  interpersonal relations, and points needing improvement)
• Monthly Gym sent by e-mail
• Gifts for all participants
• Summary of workshop-lecture content handed out to participants after
  every session
• Evaluation sheets to determine satisfaction rate
• Sound system
• Equipment

Recognition Event

An important part of the Top Niveau program, the closing event is an essential conclusion of the yearly package. It both acknowledges the efforts of the workers who contribute to your company’s success, and gives them a chance to put their training into practice.

Large or small, depending on your budget, this year-end training party is geared entirely to staff members.

As an event designer, Top Niveau has put together parties for a number of companies, including Bombardier Aeronautical, Pratt & Whitney, CAE, Meloche Monnex, Hydro Québec, and many others!