Pierre Perreault, Lecturer,
President and General Manager

A teacher by training, Pierre Perreault was social director in a high school for five years. The various training courses he took during this period and his successful appearance at Toastmasters International convinced him to form his own event organizing company.

Pierre Perreault has been designing and running workshop-lectures since 1989. A dynamic, energetic speaker, over the years he developed his "Super icebreaker" workshop. Always searching for something new, he took further training in Canada and the United States before developing more workshops. Participants love the formula and keep coming back for more.

Drawing mainly on games, enjoyment, and performance, this communicator and educator decided to create an innovative program of workshop-lectures. He gets participants involved, instead of forcing them to listen only. His Top Niveau formula is unique.

Pierre brings his expertise to hundreds of customers from all walks of life:
social services, health, large corporations, associations, unions and federations. If need be, he can adapt his formula to a company’s needs. His enthusiasm is contagious, as is his philosophy: "enjoyment of work stimulates the emergence of creative potential."

Pierre is also the author of the book “Jouer pour déjouer” which he calls "his recipe book.” A summary of his lectures, the book is chock full of tricks to help you become a "good player" in life.

English formation

Our english lecturers know to convey the TOP NIVEAU philosophy.

They are interested in the participant’s well-being. They are able to motivate people facing change in their workplace or trying to cope with pressure stress, lack of motivation and exhaustion.