Laughter, stress and self-esteem...
or the importance of enjoying yourself!

• Become more effective by transforming pressure into a positive force.
• Recognize that every person's strength is rooted in self-esteem.
• Tap into the power of laughter in times of stress.
• Stimulate the participants.

1. Prepare participants to make stressful situations into new ways of
    looking at work.
2. Tangible methods for boosting self-esteem.
3. I am working on my self-image.
4. How do others see the real me.

• Give staff members new tools to work with.
• Work in a better climate thanks to the terrific discoveries participants make about themselves and their new self-confidence.

Session length (choose one): 90 minutes, 3 hours, 1 day or
45 minute capsules
Number of participants: minimum 10 people.
Target audience: employees, management staff, members of
any organization.

"Thanks to the workshop leader, I use my imagination and creativeness to look at things differently and think in new ways. I’ve found that listening to my heart is healthier than listening to reason."

S. Natiotis, Association des cadres scolaires du Québec