Imagine going to work every day and finding employees with real energy, passion, and a positive attitude toward their work...

Imagine an environment where bosses and workers are truly motivated to help, and where they place one another’s happiness first...

Imagine a workplace where pleasure and enjoyment become the organization’s recipe for success...

Since 1989, Concept Top Niveau has been offering dynamic, energizing workshop-lectures designed to motivate employees, corporate managers, and executives. The training is geared to helping them manage stress better and develop their imagination.

• Fun in your life and at work
• Laughter, stress and self-esteem
• Unlimited creativeness
• Be positive
• The three Ps: Pleasure - Passion - Performance
• Super icebreaker

The length of Top Niveau workshop-lectures can be tailored to the organization’s needs, extending from a few hours to full day sessions. Concrete exercises are accompanied by helpful documentation, all of which are evaluated "on-the-fly" by the participants. In addition, shortly after the workshop, Top Niveau conducts follow-up to ensure that new skills are being put into practice.

No more boring lectures full of irrelevant theory. Top Niveau workshop-lectures feature concrete exercises to stimulate humour at work, team communication, and creativeness.

Top Niveau workshops are an investment in the health of your organization and staff. By putting the aptitudes learned from the training session into practice, your staff will find that their work can be a source of enjoyment. They will have a concrete formula to discover new energies and achieve their full potential—not to mention your company’s or organization’s.