Have fun at work and in your life…
happiness at last!

• Encourage human values based on laughter and games, and thereby
  improve staff productivity, team spirit, and well-being.
• Suggest ways to live for the moment.

1. First, an icebreaker exercise for quick discussion between participants.
2. Positive mood: how to use positive sentences daily.
3. Handy tricks for enjoying life and work.
4. Perceptions: what is our attitude?
5. Be a "good player" in life.
6. How to generate laughter.
7. Transform pressure into a positive force.
8. How to do things for the good of the organization?

• Teach participants to live better in a stressful environment and take their
  work seriously without taking themselves seriously.
• Be surrounded by happy, productive people.

Session length (choose one): 90 minutes, 3 hours, 1 day or
45 minute capsules.
Number of participants: minimum 10 people.
Target audience: employees, management staff, members of any

"The session leader showed me how to encourage others, be more positive, and look on the bright side of things."
Geneviève Houle, KPMG