Unlimited creativeness, triggering new ideas!

• Develop your capacities to their full potential.
• Discover new creative powers.
• Use the right hemisphere of the brain.
• Tap into every participant's wealth of potential.

1. Based on games and role playing, unleash new potential.
2. Get in touch with your curiosity and thoughts.
3. Develop your attitude.

• A staff that can take advantage of the unexpected, differences of opinion,
  and the unknown
• Plenty of innovative ideas

Session length: 3 hours.
Number of participants: minimum 10 people.
Target audience: management staff.

“You’ve got to live for the present. If we don’t benefit from it immediately, and instead spend our time dreaming about tomorrow or tonight, we’re going to find ourselves on the last page of our book without having understood the essence of our story…"
Richard Lapointe, Alcoa